Modular Building Systems


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From design to manufacturing to assembling on-site, our team can complete most modular building projects in half as time as it would take you to erect a conventionally built facility. Made from recyclable materials such as steel, gypsum, and cement board, these green buildings are completely reusable.

This material is also completely non-combustible and fire-rated. The resulting modular buildings have high insulation, which leads to big energy savings.

An added advantage of our modular building systems is that 90% of the work is completed inside our factories. Not only does this reduce site disturbance and pollution, but there is also a higher level of quality monitoring due to the ease of inspection that’s not possible outside the factory.

Factory production creates less wastage of material than conventional building construction, adding to the process’s sustainability score. An increasing number of environmentally conscious clients are now choosing our modular building systems to take advantage of the benefits that this construction style of industry 4.0 offers.


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Labour Camps

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Construction Site Offices


Clinics / Hospitals


Accommodation Camps

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School / Universities

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Residential Family Villas


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