Largest Repatriation Mission of Middle East !

In one of the largest COVID-19-related repatriations from the Gulf by a private employer, Expertise has begun operating chartered flights to send home over 1,600 of its Indian employees

Expertise has organised largest private Covid-19 repatriation flight operations through chartered jets to five states in Indian subcontinent. This is targeted for repatriating more than 2,000 employees through chartered flights to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal this month.

The flights, chartered from Gulf Air are being operated from the city of Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Delhi, Mangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad in India and major cities of its neighbouring countries.The company short-listed over 2,000 employees for the Covid-related repatriations considering various emergencies such as pregnant women, employees of over 50 years of age, children and medical needs personnel.

During the initial lockdown days of the pandemic, the borders of most of the countries in the world were closed and no country was allowing any humans to either enter or leave the respective countries, adding enormous stress to the migrant populations across the world, especially in the Gulf.

SheikK.S. Sheik, Director, Expertise Contracting Co

Reaching back home is the dream of an expat. In the last 3 months, due to COVID, our dreams were shattered. Now we got a hope, we are joining our families. Proud to be an employee of Expertise. Thank you Expertise Management for supporting us

Roshan Crasta, Stranded Employee

Never felt so much excited to come to home town. Expertise management has spent sleepless nights to make arrangements to make us join our families. Thanks a lot for the timely support by our management.

Abubucker Siddeeq, Stranded Employee

“We have organised 14 chartered flights in which nine of them to India and else to other neighboring countries to repatriate more than 1,700 employees so far. As a part of this mission, we also arranged quarantine facilities at their home destinations

Mohammed Ashif, CEO, Expertise Contracting Co

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